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1 KW F.M. TV Transmitter
Model No.: TW/FM/1KW
  • Frequency- Band II 87.5 Mhz to 108 Mhz
  • The entire equipment, 1 KW FM Transmitter is housed in 19" Rack having 1.6 meter height and 1 meter depth. It operates from 230 V AC Mains Supply.
  • The 1KW FM Transmitter consists of 1 nos of Power Amplifier, 1 nos of Exciter, SMPS
  • FM Exciter having 80 dB Mono/stereo S/N ratio with microprocessor based synthesizer technique permitting fast frequency selection in 10 KHz steps. The exciter has built-in stereo coder for stereo transmission and can accept Radio Data service (RDS) and Subscriber Channel Authorization (SCA) inputs.
  • The transmitter contains MOSFET power Amplifier.
  • Exciter, Power Amplifier and Harmonic Filter are of wide band design.
  • No tuning required over the entire FM band.
  • Modular design for easy maintenance and parts replacements.
  • Complete shielding of high power RF circuits to minimize radiation.
  • Provision of standby Exciter having facility for Automatic change over in case of failure of Main Exciter.
  • Adequate metering and monitoring at modules as well as system level.
  • Adequate protections like DC overload, over-temperature on heat sink, over current protection for each MOSFET, high VSWR etc.
  • In case of higher VSWR Power folds back to 30 W.
  • Low noise cooling system.
  • In-built stereo coder, using pilot tone system conforming to CCIR Rec. 450.
  • Change-Over facility from mono to stereo using simple toggle switch.
  • High efficiency SMPS unit for Power Amplifier.
  • 1KW power derived using six modules of 200 W output.
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